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Activities Book
Grades 3-12 

Math Fitness Challenges

Grades 1-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12






Keep Your Brain Fit with Tutor.com/military!

Summer 2018 


Join us for a summer fitness challenge to keep those brain muscles flexed!



School is over and Tutor.com/military wants to help keep kids from the dreaded "summer slide," the tendency for students to lose
some of their hard-earned progress they made during the year. But, it’s possible to stop the summer slide and even get ahead
for the next school year—and Tutor.com/military is here to help! 

Download our two challenge books—there’s one for math, based on grade level, and one with projects that focus on topics like science and writing. Try one math problem a week and an activity when there is some free time (or a rainy day) to keep students on track.

Of course, if someone gets stuck, we are here to help! Students can log into their tutor.com/military accounts to have a session with
a tutor to understand and solve the problem.