How We Learn

Education affects both an individual’s quality of life and the overall strength of a community. Studies have linked education to earning potential, employment, crime statistics and even overall health. Communities with good schools are more likely to attract business, have a lower unemployment rate, higher average household income and higher tax base, SO even better schools, parks, museums and, of course, libraries.  As libraries across the world transform, many are increasing their roles as education centers.  With this in mind, would like to share with you best practices in education and an understanding of how we learn.  

Ms. Rooney leads’s community of over 3,000 tutors, mentors and senior mentors, and instructional coaches. She is an experienced teacher and city administrator who brings more than 20 years of management experience and more than 12 years of online educational experience designing and developing’s automated, online tutor screening process. She helped grow our community of tutors from fewer than 100 individuals to more than 3,000 experts today. Joan has been a presenter at several Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation conferences and at the Learning Forward 2012 Annual Conference regarding the changes in professional development models for teachers. Ms. Rooney has a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Emmanuel College and a Master of Arts from the University of Paris. © 2015
Building Better Communities, One Student at a Time

Joan Rooney
VP Instruction

Susan Del Rosario
Sr. Director, Libraries

Alyssa Louro
Account Manager, Libraries Client Care and Sales Team

Summertime Math & Science Projects Referred to in the Presentation

"Please never discontinue this help.  My mom has always said her best spent tax dollars those on the public library and the services offered there.  Many many thanks!!!" 8th Grade Student, KY