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Why Do We Need Writing Support?

by Dr. Joanna Simpson, Manager of Humanities

Even the best writers need guidance and feedback as they work through the process of producing a finished product. Whether it’s a novel, a script, a research paper or a lab report, every learner benefits from extra assistance in their craft. Writing skills not only apply in academic settings, but will translate in professional environments where communication skills are essential for employers.

To help our clients in supporting students with writing across the curriculum, our tutoring support is uniquely offered in synchronous and asynchronous modes for students. Depending on the stage of the writing process, learners can benefit from the different means of writing help depending on their comfort level and progress.  Considering that the bulk of the writing process takes place outside of a classroom, when a teacher or professor may not be available, having access to a tutor who can help guide a student in the right direction offers a measurable benefit that can be seen in the papers of the students who have worked with our tutors.

For students who are in a Higher Education setting, one of the benefits of working with a tutor through the writing process is that writing cuts across the content areas. Whether a student needs help with a paper they are writing in Nursing, a lab report in Biology, or an essay from their English class, our College Essay Writing tutors are here to help. A student can log in with a live tutor to get immediate feedback, have a quick question answered, or work towards the next stage of the writing process.

Our drop-off service is particularly helpful (and popular!) for our college students as they are often working on more than one paper for various classes. Since it is not pedagogically sound to work in a live session for much longer than 60 minutes, it makes sense that a college student who is working on 3-4 different papers may want to submit them asynchronously, so that they can work on their next drafts of those papers on their own time. Our college student users may not have the time to sit through a live session and work with a tutor, but would be able to implement the feedback from a drop-off session when it works best with their schedule.

Whether they are working on their first or their final draft, and whether they are working in a live or a drop-off session, each paper is reviewed in a holistic manner, providing feedback on higher order concerns such as thesis and paragraph structure, as well as lower order concerns such as citations and grammar. The focus on our reviews at the college-level is generally higher order concerns, and we’ve recently revamped our exams that we use to vet our tutors, as well as the Summary Feedback Form that tutors complete and that clients receive, to be in alignment with this restructuring. In addition, we continue to encourage students to utilize our services at each stage of the writing process, because a paper can change drastically between drafts, and relevant feedback needs to be provided for the student to move forward appropriately.

Our most recent service that promotes the concept of iteration and process for learners of writing is a new featured called Writing Project, which we are introducing this spring. Writing Projects allows the student to submit multiple drafts of the same assignment to the same tutor, if the student chooses to do so, helping to connect the student to a person familiar with their assignment and allowing them to receive consistent feedback through multiple drafts. For more information on this new feature, please check out the Writing Projects guide and talk to you client services manager. ·

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