January 2021

Happy new year! We hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe.

We have exciting plans for 2021, along with news and resources we’re pleased to share—including a new outreach kit and an announcement about extended access to online tutoring for U.S. military families!

We are proud to support your military community, now and always.

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   Lauren Lobdell
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Expanded Eligibility Continues for U.S. Military Families

Great news for U.S. military families! In December, the Department of Defense (DoD) elected to continue providing access to online tutoring support for all DoD-affiliated students. Everyone currently eligible to use tutor.com/military at no cost—including DoD civilian and military personnel and all dependents—will continue to have access. For more information on eligibility, refer to the chart below, or visit military.tutor.com/eligibility.

Visit the Eligibility Page

Expanded eligibility to Tutor.com/military for U.S. Military Families is made possible by the DoD Military Community and Family Policy (MCFP) and the MWR General Library Program.

Access to tutor.com/military remains unchanged for Coast Guard military and civilian personnel and their family members, whose program access is funded by Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA).

If you have any questions regarding expanded eligibility, please email militarysupport@tutor.com.

Your Spring 2021 Outreach Kit

Help military families get back in gear this new year with our spring 2021 outreach kit! This downloadable kit includes a calendar with messaging and graphics that you can use to remind U.S. military families about their 24/7 access to Tutor.com.

Please feel free to share these graphics (and adapt the captions as you see fit).

As always, you can find a variety of seasonal and thematic graphics on the Digital Media tab of the Partners & Promoters Page.

Download the Complete Kit

Vocabulary Builder YouTube Series

An expansive vocabulary can help students in school, on standardized tests, and in life. In this ongoing Princeton Review video series, we share vocabulary-building tips and take learners through the meaning, usage, and etymology of plenty of fun words.

Feel free to share this series with your military community!

New Year, New Mobile App!

In case you missed it, we launched our updated Tutor.com to Go app to make mobile access to on-demand academic help and resources better than ever. Download and try it out today on any connected smart phone or tablet—and be sure to share this info link with your military community.

Please leave us a review at the App Store or on Google Play!

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