Equity: How Tutoring Can Level the Playing Field
Originally aired Wednesday, Aug. 5th at 2:00 PM EDT

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Underrepresented students face a barrier to entry in tech, an industry often made up of a narrow, less-than-diverse set of employees. Overcoming that barrier begins with colleges and universities graduating more diverse students with exceptional coding skills.

Montgomery County Community College (Montco) partnered with Tutor.com to increase success for these students.
The college increased the proportion of students obtaining better grades, persisting, and ultimately graduating with a strong coding skill set so that they could more successfully compete for jobs in tech. (See case study handouts at right for more information.)

Ready to learn more? Watch the recording to hear from Dr. Kendall Martin, Professor of Computer Science at Montgomery Community College, as she shares how her institution has benefited, including details on:

  • Tutor.com support areas, including on-demand tutoring
  • Diverse student profiles and how students have benefited
  • Student session data and learning analytics from Tutor.com
  • Success metrics based on students’ Tutor.com usage 

About Tutor.com
For more than 20 years and nearly 19 million tutoring sessions, Tutor.com has provided integrated and targeted student support services to colleges and universities with engaging, responsive, and easily accessible 1:1 tutoring sessions—scheduled or on-demand—24/7. With 3,000+ highly-vetted subject matter experts available to tutor in more than 200 subjects, Tutor.com can be there for your students—anytime, anywhere.

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Session handouts & links:

· Online Tutoring Case Study
· Online Tutoring Impact Study
· Comprehensive Subject Areas

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