July 2022

Summer is here, and with it, continued academic support from Tutor.com. By downloading and posting the shareable graphics we’ve included in this newsletter, you can help your students avoid “summer melt,” encourage year-round learning, and remind them that they have access to your institution’s Tutor.com program for their academic support needs.

This month, we’ve also included details about new and expanded subject offerings available to your campus community.

Read on to learn more—and thank you, as ever, for your continued partnership.

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New Subject Offering: Business and Consumer Math 

We are thrilled to announce a new subject offering for our higher education programs: business and consumer math!

Learners can get help with the subject’s numerical and algebraic underpinnings, real-time guidance through word problems, and real-world applications with their own textbooks.

You can build student awareness by sharing the details below:
Our expert business and consumer math tutors can help students with concepts relating to banking, investing, loans, and business statistics. Topics include data interpretation, probability, solving and writing equations, loans, mortgages, interest, credit, present and future value, taxes, percentages, and more.

En Español Tutoring Subjects: Now 24/7!

We are also happy to announce that our En Español tutoring subjects are now available 24/7 for all higher education partner campuses. Subject areas include math, science, history and social sciences, student success skills, career services, and parent coaching.

Spread the word to your student community via your website, LMS, international center, and social media channels. We encourage you to use the graphics below in your student outreach!

Tap graphics to enlarge and download.

SIIA’s 2022 CODiE Award

We are delighted to announce that Tutor.com has been awarded the 2022 SIIA CODiE Award in the Best Student Experience category for our Tutor.com Learning Suite.

We are proud to provide academic support to your students—24/7, 361 days a year.

Learn more about the 2022 SIIA CODiE Awards here.

Summer Social Media Shareables 

Spread the word about your institution’s Tutor.com program with these colorful summer graphics! You can post them on social media, send them out in student emails, and share them on your LMS and department webpages.
TIP: Include your institution’s Tutor.com access instructions and program URL when you post these graphics!

Del Mar College (Texas) 

Our partnerships are the heart and soul of what we do at Tutor.com. This month, we are featuring our partner, Del Mar College, and highlighting their insights into promoting student success.

The following interview was held in correspondence with Omar Villarreal, Director of the Del Mar College Student Success Center (SSC), and Melissa Longoria-Goonan, Tutor Coordinator for the SSC. It has been lightly edited for clarity.

What have you found to be the most important aspects of supporting your students?

Students deserve an education that is versatile in its delivery. It is our job as educators to meet student expectations by offering an education that aligns with our values of student learning and success.  

It is important that our students are allowed to adjust to face-to-face services at a pace they feel appropriate; continuing to offer tutoring services via Tutor.com embraces the idea that not all students are prepared to return to campus—and that’s okay! 

Why did Del Mar College choose Tutor.com to deliver online tutoring to your students, and what needs are met by providing this service? 

Del Mar College trusts Tutor.com to provide the best in online tutoring, and it all starts with efficient customer service. Through the helpful and consistent communication of our Tutor.com Customer Success Manager, Del Mar College has been able to request and obtain custom solutions that allow the needs of our students to be met.

As a community college, our students’ needs include 24/7 tutoring from wherever they choose to study. Tutor.com allows students to receive assistance even if the SSC is closed, a student is unable to travel to the SSC, their work schedule limits the time they can visit, or they simply prefer to learn from home. 

What results or feedback have you seen in terms of student satisfaction? 

Tutor.com has a proven track record in terms of student satisfaction: 99% of our Tutor.com participants would recommend the service to a friend, 97% state that it helps improve grades, and 100% agree that the service contributes to the completion and understanding of their homework. 

Student satisfaction, along with student success, make Tutor.com our top choice for online tutoring.

The last few years have been challenging for students and higher education institutions. Is there any advice or best practices you would like to share with other higher education administrators? 

I would recommend that administrators acknowledge the importance of self-care. Families have experienced change and faced new challenges over the last two years. This means that students have endured unprecedented situations that call for extra attention to their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

I would recommend that students maintain connections with their friends, limit their time on social media, avoid too much exposure to the daily news, spend time outdoors, and learn to meditate/breathe for stress relief. 

NCLEX-RN® Live 1-to-1 Tutoring 

NCLEX-RN tutoring is now available for our higher education programs.* Build awareness of this resource by sharing the following graphic and information on your social media, LMS, and department webpages.
Study for the NCLEX-RN® with Tutor.com!
Did you know? [Institution Name]’s Tutor.com program gives you access to no-cost, 1-to-1 academic help in 20+ nursing and health sciences subjects—including NCLEX-RN test-prep support! For online, on-demand tutoring whenever you need it, [insert your Tutor.com program access instructions here].
*If nursing subjects are not yet a part of your institution's Tutor.com program and you are considering adding them, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email us at clientsupport@tutor.com.

Your Tutor.com for Higher Education Support Team is here to help. You can always find dedicated resources on our Client Resource Center—and we love hearing from you, too! Please reach out to your Client Services Manager or email us at clientsupport@tutor.com for program support anytime.​​​​​


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